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528Hz Aluminium Tuning Fork


Handcrafted 528Hz Unweighted Tuning Fork made from high-grade aluminium, providing a long and enduring tone. Manufactured in Sheffield, England.


The handcrafted Ragg 528Hz Aluminium Tuning Fork is made from the highest quality aluminium to ensure long and enduring vibrations. 528 Hz is one of the Solfeggio frequencies and is suggested to have several uses, one being that it is the frequency of love, and another is the frequency for DNA repair.


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Aerospace Grade Aluminium


All UK orders will be sent via courier service on a next business day delivery and cost £5.95. International delivery times and prices will vary based on the location of the country, usually delivery is between 5-10 business days, but occasionally can be longer. All international orders will be sent by courier and tracking is available


17 cm Long. 5cm Handle with a 8mm Diameter

3 reviews for 528Hz Aluminium Tuning Fork

  1. Yvonne

    Lightweight, precise tuning fork with a long vibration and quality sound. Helpful and efficient customer service and fast delivery. Thank you.

  2. Sheila Jacklin (verified owner)

    I will repeat what I said for the 111Hz fork…a beautiful object, a work of art. Swiftly sent, and in a lovely smart box.It sounds stunning too.Thank you Ragg.

  3. Tatjana Zupan (verified owner)

    Beautifully made. Lovely sound. I love it. Thank you Ragg.

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Ragg Tuning Forks

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