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Our Story

The Ragg brand goes back over 190 years,  where John & William Ragg began manufacturing in 1833 from their factory in Sheffield, England. 100 years later the Ragg Family added tuning forks to their portfolio of razors, scissors and knives. Ragg took over William Grant Ltd in 1977 and changed the name of the organisation to Granton Ragg Ltd, which later changed to Granton Medical Ltd in 2011. 

In 2012 Uniplex (UK) Ltd, acquired Ragg Tuning Forks from Granton Medical Ltd. Uniplex, based on Furnace Hill in the heart of the Sheffield, is a family-owned medical company that specialises in manufacturing and repairing surgical instruments. 

Ragg Tuning Forks continue to be made by Uniplex to this day, by the small team who utilise their specialist precision skills to manufacture the highest quality tuning forks. 

Our History


John & William Ragg begin manufacturing razors, scissors and knives in Sheffield, England


The Ragg family begin making tuning forks under the name Ragg Tuning Forks Ltd


Ragg purchased William Granton Ltd to form Granton Ragg Ltd


Uniplex was established by Adriaan Posthuma in Northampton, England 


Uniplex moves to Sheffield for the specialist manufacturing skills in the city


Uniplex (UK) Ltd goes Incorporated as a Private Limited Company


Granton Ragg Ltd changes its name to Granton Medical Ltd to reflect it’s medical focus


Uniplex (UK) Ltd purchases Ragg Tuning Forks from Granton Medical Ltd

"Manufactured in Sheffield, England since 1933"

Our Product Range

Musical Tuning Forks

The first tuning fork was invented by John Shore in 1711 to tune musical instruments. Tuning Forks are still being used to tune instruments such as pianos, guitars and more  over 300 years later due to their accuracy and simplicity to use.

Our musical tuning fork design is our famous John Walker. Used all over the world, the small steel fork comes in a blued or 9ct gold plated finish and is tuned to a range of frequencies, with the most popular being the A440Hz Standard Orchestra Pitch.

Musical Tuning Forks
Sound Therapy Tuning Forks

Sound therapy Tuning Forks

Sound Therapy is a rapidly growing area in the tuning fork space with people realising the benefit in using the products for their physical and mental health. Ragg has been making Sound Therapy Tuning Forks for years, working with specialists all over the world to develop the range and create forks for sound practitioners who research and develop frequencies that have benefits in a range of forms from relaxation to spiritual connection. 

We make our sound therapy forks from aerospace grade aluminium as this gives a excellent combination of sound and vibration energy, along with providing a sustained and pure tone for the users

Sound Therapy Tuning Forks

Medical Tuning Forks

Ragg has a range of tuning forks that are used in the medical sector by GPs, Audiologists and other healthcare professionals to perform tests such as the Rinnie Test, Weber Test and even using the forks  to diagnose  bone fractures and earlier indications of diabetes. 

Known for our highly accurate forks, practitioners all over the world use Ragg Tuning Forks to diagnose their patients. The medical forks come in both aluminium and plated steel, with the most popular being the Steel, chrome plated Gardiner Brown range of Tuning Forks. 

Medical Tuning Forks
Scientific Tuning Forks

Scientific Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks are used in the field of science for a vast number of reasons. A couple of uses are in physics lessons to demonstrate how sound waves travel and another is for the calibration of devices, such as those that calculate speed. The forks have a dynamic user base from schools, to science labs and even the police.

The scientific range includes blued steel and steel K band style forks.


Scientific Tuning Forks
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Ragg Tuning Forks

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