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OM 136.1Hz Weighted Tuning Fork


Handcrafted OM 136.1Hz Tuning Fork made from high-grade aluminium, providing a long and enduring tone. Manufactured in Sheffield, England.


The OM 136.1Hz tuning fork is used to provide relaxation through meditation. Not only does the frequency cause relaxation, but it also reduces stress and it’s also suggested to create relief from joint stiffness and muscle soreness. The frequency 136.1Hz is used to tune Indian temple music and is said to be the frequency of Earth.

The handcrafted tuning fork is electronically tuned at 20°C and is made from high-grade aluminium, providing long and enduring notes.

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Aerospace Grade Aluminium


All UK orders will be sent via courier service on a next business day delivery and cost £5.95. International delivery times and prices will vary based on the location of the country, usually delivery is between 5-10 business days, but occasionally can be longer. All international orders will be sent by courier and tracking is available


28 cm Long. 5cm Handle with a 8mm Diameter

2 reviews for OM 136.1Hz Weighted Tuning Fork

  1. Yvonne

    Top class tuning forks and first class customer service. Thank you.

  2. Sarah Eve (verified owner)

    I purchased several tuning forks after reviewing multiple different brands on the internet. I purchased 2 x Ohm tuning forks, 1 x 528hz, 1 x 174hz, 1 x 93.86hz, the cellulite reduction tuning fork set and the Otto tuning fork set.

    Apart from the Otto tuning fork set, all the other tuning forks arrived in beautifully presented boxes, carefully wrapped in tissue paper and supplied with a certificate. The unweighted tuning forks are exquisite, ring beautifully and vibrate for a long time. I have started using the unweighted tuning forks for combing through the aura and to help clear negative energy from rooms in the house.

    The weighted forks, when placed on the body vibrate strong and for a long time again ringing beautifully with a clear tone (when held closer to the ear).

    For anyone thinking of purchasing tuning forks, please do not be tempted to go for the cheaper option – I would highly recommend saving up to invest in the Ragg Tuning Forks as they are of tremendous quality and have the purest, sweetest tones – the cheaper tuning forks sound dull in comparison and do not vibrate as long.

    I am extremely happy with all of the Tuning Forks that I ordered, and I will be looking to purchase more in the future.

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